Poetry Collaboration – ‘A Woman’s War’ (link to the poem)

I have written a brief summary of last night’s event organised by KYP, however, because I can’t quite work out how to reblog it verbatim, here’s the link to Touchstones Creative Writing Group’s website* where I’ve just republished our poem: Earnshaw & Bailey debut new poem commissioned by KYP. I enjoyed this whirlwind process, getting back to … More Poetry Collaboration – ‘A Woman’s War’ (link to the poem)

Poetry collaboration – writing WW1 Rochdale women

After the last blog post on research and ‘rapid response’ poetry writing for KYP Amibition for Ageing Rochdale, I thought I’d offer a short follow-up. The poem has a name – ‘A woman’s war’ and we have more or less completed it. This email has mostly been composed over email after the snow, and mega inclement … More Poetry collaboration – writing WW1 Rochdale women

Polyphony, listening, legacy #NAWE30

Some final thoughts on the 30th anniversary National Association of Writers in Education Conference. Followed by a train journey of semi-doom where not only did the train break down, but also my cheap-as-about-fifty-portions-of-chips Hudl tablet crashed somewhere around Huddersfield (Hudlsfailed?! Sorry sorry sorry). ‘Polyphonic Place: Putting Sound Into Words’ and ‘Loving Your Legacy: A Poetry … More Polyphony, listening, legacy #NAWE30

Teaching & the critical-creative PhD #NAWE30

Hello reader. This is where the writer-scholar takes time out to think about teaching and about the critical-creative PhD. Plus, I’ve just realised that this blog heading sounds like a pants attempt at writing a Harry Potter book title. Here are some thoughts and notes from sessions that I attended at today’s National Association of … More Teaching & the critical-creative PhD #NAWE30