Reblogged: Stockport stake claim for widest British bridge

Since the shortening of the Rochdale Bridge, Stockport Heritage Trust set out to claim that Stockport’s Merseyway is now the widest bridge in the UK. Reblogged from Josh Garside:


A COMMUNITY group in Stockport believe that they have the widest bridge in Britain, if not Europe.

Reason was given for members of the Stockport Heritage Trust to measure the Merseyway Bridge after a trip to Rochdale, who there claimed they had the widest bridge on the continent.

The width of the Rochdale bridge stood at 446 meters, but after large parts of it were knocked down recently in order to see the old Medieval bridge below, the Heritage Trust believed it to be a contentious claim.

To be classed as a ‘bridge’ as oppose to a culvert, land must be spread over a twenty-foot span and have pedestrian access for the full length.

The Merseyway Bridge in Stockport ticks both of these boxes.

So, on a chilly Sunday morning, the Trust got out their tape measure and walked the width of the bridge.

From the newly revealed Lancashire bridge to the Bear Pit…

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