A poem a day: Brickwork in Flood


April begins in grey, and today marks the beginning of poetry writing month. Following the prompt (write a lune) made me think of associative words: lunar – moon; loon – clowning; and the river Lune that runs through Lancaster. Colours like silver, white, grey, the bole of compost, pure black, shades of indigo and washed-out blue. Watery scenes – drip drip drop little April showers. Imagine the motion: at first a mizzle, then the rain hammering it down on the stone, brick, concrete. Drizzle gathering along the paving to Rochdale’s town hall. You can see that it almost has some sort of sentience, as if it wants to pit this human made place, pound hard until the water claims the land.

Brickwork after Flood
Old dampness smooths dulled rectangles.
Grit thick rain,
sudden slick drowns the Esplanade.


3 thoughts on “A poem a day: Brickwork in Flood

  1. The description/intro is really a poem in itself! Great work and good luck with the NaPoWriMo-ing!


    1. Thank you! Good luck with the month too. (I lasted 2 days last year, hoping to manage it this year – have a good muse this year: the entire borough of Rochdale!)


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