A poem a day: Fan Letters

Today’s poetry prompt is “write a fan letter…”. (The ellipsis is there because I intended to cheat.)  Yesterday was about imaginary people – drawing on quotes, description, and language from a short story, two novels, and three newspapers – so I didn’t really want to write about people for two days in a row!

This poem is a short one – have a chapter that is becoming a bit of a pest and has stayed for too long in my computer – hope you enjoy.

Scout Moor wind farm viewed from Lower Lomax Farm, Heywood. (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Scout_Moor_Wind_Farm_from_Heywood.jpg)



Fan Letters

Send a circular wave

from Formby to Scout Moor.

Start from white sails,

foil for the air,

blading the wind.

Three Aglaia Shasta petals

passing on a hum

from each metal head

along the long lip of the valley,

or shifting the egg-timer sand

across the dunes and marram grass.

At each one, a single concrete foot

deep in peat or sand vibrating

to the tunes each one makes.




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