A poem a day: Rochdale Almanac

Lovely prompt today. Many of these lines taken from my “field notes” (taking liberties with the limited source material from that day) when visiting the town.

happy joker
Field notes: 6th Aug 2015


Rochdale Almanac

Breeze and warm,

grey clouds with an aura of willow herb,

The Baum – melancholy

Moustachioed bracken,

Sky studded with cloud, an urge for a beer

Cheese pies are exported

Graffiti:”the happy joker” (the man).

No love; a deep stomach feeling,

wisps float across the sky, a conspiracy of red stalks.

Wearing a monocle, a Zorro Z

by Rochdale railway station.

It’s 6pm, sycamore, gold feathery.

A scrap of leek and there are dragons elsewhere

Breeze and warm, the blackbirds

are found out.



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