Read and Feed: Last day & celebration

We had to set out two tables for the last session as a large number of young people turned up. Hooray! This session revolved around creating a “new country” or working on a place that the young people loved in order to “map” a new land which they named Library Land (immediate consensus around this = “brilliant” ). Below is a picture of the country complete with flowers, chocolate, sweets and killer robots (of course).

Library Land
Library Land: just around the corner in Smallbridge…

It’s been great to learn what the young people like to watch, read, and write about. As mentioned in previous posts there was a lot of love from the boys for Five Nights At Freddy’s and some fan fiction coming out from this – currently the storylines are being re-told but I think with a little steering these could easily turn into original pieces of writing. (I want to know more about Spy Boy’s Smallbridge adventures for a start!)

Feathers, daisies, sunshine.

Finally, was incredibly grateful for a lovely card and choccies 🙂

Thank you
A little water may have sprinkled from my eyes!

Not much to report from the celebration event except that we did a little bit of crafting, and I now know the rules for ‘In the river  / on the bank’ and the ‘colour corners’ games! Always useful to have a few running around games up the sleeve for excited young people (and over-enthusiastic adults like me)!

In the block quote below is the picture taken and Tweeted by local councillor John Blundell who popped in during the afternoon:

Nadeem, the Senior Library Assistant told me that of the 55 young people who signed up for the Big Friendly Read, almost 50% have completed it so far and there are still a couple of weeks to go. This, he said, has been a huge improvement on last year where only a handful completed. That’s a success for both the library and the kids that have taken part. I’m looking forward to assisting with any plans for Smallbrige Story Club and hope that the young people’s enthusiasm and passion for writing carries on.



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