Week in, week out. Breathe in. Out.

Count the oak galls, count the leaves

I went to a brilliant conference at the beginning of September. (The write up of which is saved in Blog drafts.) It reinforced that what I’m doing complements other ways of considering the ecology of places, landscapes, water courses, conservation, humans and wild spaces. I was, and am, inspired. But then I got home to big, unbelievable, news. And it’s the surreality of reality that bought me back to earth with a bump, reignited the doubts I constantly battle with.

Tabula Rasa, ink stopped in a pen, winks of cursor blinks on the screen, sheets and sheets of crisp paper.

I believe in what I’m doing, that this project is overall a positive, creative, and critical. That it’s celebratory and playful as well as offering an arched eyebrow framing a critical eye.

Stop. Take a breath and keeping breathing. Realise that bad weeks can follow good. Count the oak galls. Remember what’s important.


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