Rain stopped play… #RochdaleStoryTrail

The ‘wayther’ was too strong! Recently, the 1930s infrastructure around this part of the world was just not up to it. In the battle between Yorkshire weather and ageing pipework, there was only ever going to be one victor. 

Hyperbole aside, over the last few days the neighbourhood has had sporadic water / no water / low water pressure / bits of grit in the owd H2O.  When things like the water goes, it’s another sudden reminder of how vital water is: drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking, big mugs of tea (oh, tea!). Remembering that in the UK, we’re so fortunate to have access to clean water. Even if we were lamenting lax municipal upkeep. Then the day-to-day stress, the waiting, a mundane stress. Waiting on the water company’s contact (brass band hold music, Simply the Best) and there’s the company technician (nah luv, I ‘ad a brew at 86) to visit, and a plumber (I’ll have a tea, ta) to check. It’s taken a week but everything is nearly back to normal. Although, I have noticed an odd spring appear on the hill, water from a kerb, dribbling down the tarmac…

Anyway, this is just to explain that the storytrail is on brief break. Clues will return in a fortnight. I now have a small crop of books to hide and for you to seek 🙂 

The rain might stop briefly too!


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