Polyphony, listening, legacy #NAWE30

Some final thoughts on the 30th anniversary National Association of Writers in Education Conference. Followed by a train journey of semi-doom where not only did the train break down, but also my cheap-as-about-fifty-portions-of-chips Hudl tablet crashed somewhere around Huddersfield (Hudlsfailed?! Sorry sorry sorry). ‘Polyphonic Place: Putting Sound Into Words’ and ‘Loving Your Legacy: A Poetry … More Polyphony, listening, legacy #NAWE30

Zine 2: Ruins, zines, dreams #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay

For this #ThursdayThoughtsDay I’m thinking about the construction of the last zine, the subject matter, and the composition.  This led to some introspective consideration  – just call it navel gazing. Perhaps it’s morbid fascination, but I’m often drawn to things that are no longer whole, to chipped paint, weeds through crumbling pavement, and industrial ruins.  Rochdale, like … More Zine 2: Ruins, zines, dreams #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay

Zine 1: ‘You are out of your everyday world’

…and out of my depth; I’m not an artist but I’m practising new skills and learning artistic techniques.  And the learning curve is at 90°! This is the first “Thursday Thoughts Day” and it is a space to reflect upon the process of writing, making, and researching.  Below, are some reflections on the production of … More Zine 1: ‘You are out of your everyday world’

Sound: Putting noise into words – writing exercises

Yesterday I gave a workshop for Touchstones Creative Writing Group but rather foolishly forgot to take my usual photograph of the board! This blog post reflects on the session and there are a few creative writing exercises provided that you may wish to try.  Alliteration, Assonance, Onomatopoeia I ran an alliterative icebreaker: “my name is Jennie, I like to … More Sound: Putting noise into words – writing exercises

Everyday Magic – writing exercises

There is magic in the everyday – the sheen of rain on the pavement, the crackle of leaves underfoot.  The following writing exercises are to get you thinking about recognising the sparkle in the mundane or re-imagining something repetitive that you might do everyday.  I gave a workshop on ‘Everyday Magic’ and here are some exercises that … More Everyday Magic – writing exercises

Poetry exercise – William “Bill O’ Jacks” Baron.

Now that the snow has come and gone, and the snowdrops are coming through in profusion, it’s time for a poem. Healey Dell, on the outskirts of Rochdale and nestled in the Spodden Valley, is a popular beauty spot. However, it was once the scene of industry with the remains of cotton mills and a … More Poetry exercise – William “Bill O’ Jacks” Baron.