Next creative writing session for Touchstones

Blurb for the next writing session for Touchstones Creative Writing Group. Re-telling Tales using Local Folklore and Fairy Stories Do you know the popular local legend that a ghost rabbit haunts Saint-Mary’s-in-the-Baum? Even if you do, could you tell the story from the rabbit’s eye level, explore its rabbit-y desires?! Or perhaps you could write … More Next creative writing session for Touchstones

Polyphony, listening, legacy #NAWE30

Some final thoughts on the 30th anniversary National Association of Writers in Education Conference. Followed by a train journey of semi-doom where not only did the train break down, but also my cheap-as-about-fifty-portions-of-chips Hudl tablet crashed somewhere around Huddersfield (Hudlsfailed?! Sorry sorry sorry). ‘Polyphonic Place: Putting Sound Into Words’ and ‘Loving Your Legacy: A Poetry … More Polyphony, listening, legacy #NAWE30

Teaching & the critical-creative PhD #NAWE30

Hello reader. This is where the writer-scholar takes time out to think about teaching and about the critical-creative PhD. Plus, I’ve just realised that this blog heading sounds like a pants attempt at writing a Harry Potter book title. Here are some thoughts and notes from sessions that I attended at today’s National Association of … More Teaching & the critical-creative PhD #NAWE30

“A common treasury for all”: reflections on the AHRC Common Ground Event

On Tuesday I travelled to the University of York for the Arts and Humanities Research Council‘s first Common Ground Event.  As you will see from the link, it was an exceptionally ambitious and dynamic programme, which could have been spread across a Glastonbury Festival‘s worth of days (but without the mud, dubious dancing, and Coldplay). While … More “A common treasury for all”: reflections on the AHRC Common Ground Event