Teaching & the critical-creative PhD #NAWE30

Hello reader. This is where the writer-scholar takes time out to think about teaching and about the critical-creative PhD. Plus, I’ve just realised that this blog heading sounds like a pants attempt at writing a Harry Potter book title. Here are some thoughts and notes from sessions that I attended at today’s National Association of … More Teaching & the critical-creative PhD #NAWE30

From “Five by Five” to “Muggles”: the language of geocaching #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay

My dad is a radio engineer. He is an old school valve prodder, soldering master, and motherboard fixer. In the early 1990s my dad managed a small CB Radio maintenance company located somewhere along the M6. This was in the dying days of Citizens Band radio, just around the time when the recession was at its worst. … More From “Five by Five” to “Muggles”: the language of geocaching #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay

Attempts at writing in difficult times

It’s April (how the heck did that happen?!) which means that it’s time for another annual attempt at National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).  However, with recent local news from Spice in Manchester to recent reports on asylum seekers in Rochdale (please allow me a small, cynical moment: I guess that’s why subsequent governments partly make the capped … More Attempts at writing in difficult times

In the headlines: fines for swearing? WTF?!

You may have noticed that Rochdale has been in the media for not so salubrious reasons. Yesterday saw a scattering of (suspiciously) similar news articles released about Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council’s proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).  These articles focused on a favourite moral panic: swearing. Here’s a selection if you missed it: The Guardian: Flocking hell: council plans to ban … More In the headlines: fines for swearing? WTF?!