Zine 2: Ruins, zines, dreams #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay

For this #ThursdayThoughtsDay I’m thinking about the construction of the last zine, the subject matter, and the composition.  This led to some introspective consideration  – just call it navel gazing. Perhaps it’s morbid fascination, but I’m often drawn to things that are no longer whole, to chipped paint, weeds through crumbling pavement, and industrial ruins.  Rochdale, like … More Zine 2: Ruins, zines, dreams #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay

Experiencing Rochdale with Pokémon GO

Having never owned a Nintendo GameBoy and going a few years without ready access to a television, I missed the Pokémon phenomenon the first time around. When the craze really kicked in I’d just finished university and was working in a bookshop. My knowledge of Pikachu and friends was from dealing out the blue and silver packets from behind the counter … More Experiencing Rochdale with Pokémon GO

Everyday Magic – writing exercises

There is magic in the everyday – the sheen of rain on the pavement, the crackle of leaves underfoot.  The following writing exercises are to get you thinking about recognising the sparkle in the mundane or re-imagining something repetitive that you might do everyday.  I gave a workshop on ‘Everyday Magic’ and here are some exercises that … More Everyday Magic – writing exercises