Being ‘jannock’ on #oatcakeday

Twitter, that font of fleeting information, has informed me that today is the seventh annual Staffordshire #OatcakeDay.  It’s a way of raising attention: the baked good has history and it’s a nice way to use food to promote Staffordshire and, in particular, Stoke-on-Trent. Stoke, like Rochdale, is another place that has pockets of extreme deprivation … More Being ‘jannock’ on #oatcakeday

Finding ‘the Blue Pots wayther too sthrong’ #RochdaleStoryTrail

Oh the water – or the way-ter – and the warther.  In ‘James Leach’, a dialect sketch by John Trafford Clegg set in Wardle, Robin, a ‘gawmless-lookin young chap’, accidentally pours a bucket of dirty water over himself.  One woman worries that he’ll be ‘kilt’, but someone else jokes that Robin has ‘fund t’Blue Pots wayther … More Finding ‘the Blue Pots wayther too sthrong’ #RochdaleStoryTrail

Zine 2: Ruins, zines, dreams #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay

For this #ThursdayThoughtsDay I’m thinking about the construction of the last zine, the subject matter, and the composition.  This led to some introspective consideration  – just call it navel gazing. Perhaps it’s morbid fascination, but I’m often drawn to things that are no longer whole, to chipped paint, weeds through crumbling pavement, and industrial ruins.  Rochdale, like … More Zine 2: Ruins, zines, dreams #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay

From “Five by Five” to “Muggles”: the language of geocaching #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay

My dad is a radio engineer. He is an old school valve prodder, soldering master, and motherboard fixer. In the early 1990s my dad managed a small CB Radio maintenance company located somewhere along the M6. This was in the dying days of Citizens Band radio, just around the time when the recession was at its worst. … More From “Five by Five” to “Muggles”: the language of geocaching #RochdaleStoryTrail #ThursdayThoughtsDay