Next creative writing session for Touchstones

Blurb for the next writing session for Touchstones Creative Writing Group. Re-telling Tales using Local Folklore and Fairy Stories Do you know the popular local legend that a ghost rabbit haunts Saint-Mary’s-in-the-Baum? Even if you do, could you tell the story from the rabbit’s eye level, explore its rabbit-y desires?! Or perhaps you could write … More Next creative writing session for Touchstones

Moonraking in Middleton

Once upon a time… The Middleton Moonrakers is the tale of how, after an epic drinking session in a Middleton ale house, two men made a massive, embarrassing mistake. The story goes that post-pub binge in, let’s say, The Olde Boar’s Head, these two men attempted to stumble back home to their respective, long-suffering wives … More Moonraking in Middleton