In the headlines: fines for swearing? WTF?!

You may have noticed that Rochdale has been in the media for not so salubrious reasons. Yesterday saw a scattering of (suspiciously) similar news articles released about Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council’s proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).  These articles focused on a favourite moral panic: swearing. Here’s a selection if you missed it: The Guardian: Flocking hell: council plans to ban … More In the headlines: fines for swearing? WTF?!

Rock, dale.

Fragments, Fault Lines: “Thought Shrapnel”* When you’re young you’re bombarded by: “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.  Aged ten, I was torn between a vet (All Creatures Great and Small the TV show that had multiple demographic appeal in the 1980s being a major influence here) and a geologist. It was the … More Rock, dale.

Experiencing Rochdale with Pokémon GO

Having never owned a Nintendo GameBoy and going a few years without ready access to a television, I missed the Pokémon phenomenon the first time around. When the craze really kicked in I’d just finished university and was working in a bookshop. My knowledge of Pikachu and friends was from dealing out the blue and silver packets from behind the counter … More Experiencing Rochdale with Pokémon GO