Sound: Putting noise into words – writing exercises

Yesterday I gave a workshop for Touchstones Creative Writing Group but rather foolishly forgot to take my usual photograph of the board! This blog post reflects on the session and there are a few creative writing exercises provided that you may wish to try.  Alliteration, Assonance, Onomatopoeia I ran an alliterative icebreaker: “my name is Jennie, I like to … More Sound: Putting noise into words – writing exercises

Everyday Magic – writing exercises

There is magic in the everyday – the sheen of rain on the pavement, the crackle of leaves underfoot.  The following writing exercises are to get you thinking about recognising the sparkle in the mundane or re-imagining something repetitive that you might do everyday.  I gave a workshop on ‘Everyday Magic’ and here are some exercises that … More Everyday Magic – writing exercises